What is the best treatment for someone who has suffered a head injury?

I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and received therapy for about 6 years.  I currently work in the Occupational Therapy Department as a C.O.T.A. an Occupational Therapist with an Associate Degree.  I see Head Injuries in many types.

I am very familiar with CVA or Stroke and the associated brain damage, various head injuries of adults such as from automotive accidents, birth damage and sport injuries.

Treatment and Therapy for Head Injury and Brain Damage is very important.  Both as a professional and a survivor I am certain that immediate and personal therapy is of utmost importance to help the survivor.

Survivors of Head Injury have varying degrees of rehabilitation.   Pre-injury brain function is a major determinant, and the personal connection that can be found and created during Head Injury Treatment lead to more advanced recuperation.

I know that I have been blessed to reach high level of recuperation by many factors; the Head Injury Treatment I received was the foremost and beginning factor for my personal recuperation.

I have written memoirs during my recuperation; from the time my brain was that of about a 5-year-old child (I was a 24 year old woman) to current.  In “Am I Brain Damaged” I put my memoirs together to open the world of the head injured to all people.  I pray what I endured in my recuperation and Head Injury Treatment will be enlightening to all.


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