I am beginning a non-profit foundation called:  Everybody just wants to have FUN.

For handicapped brain injury survivors.

I remember, in my pastas I was re-learning and I see many other survivors, demonstrate a lack of excitement in their lives. I know different rehab’s and associations put on a few activities each year but with this foundation I would like to offer activities about 2x/monthly to remind people or open new avenues of leisure.

I will be looking for facilities where these activities can be held and volunteers who are specialists in various activities.

Swimming, water exercise, wheel chair exercise, learning about different communities, being active in the community both for recreation and to volunteer or help, volley ball, basket ball, watching sports in groups, seeing live sports, go to the zoo, reading, studying, determination, motivation, how to find things to do, etc.

A launch/dinner is tentatively planned for October 7th in Livonia.

MI. Brain injury survivors will be invited and honored buy as non-brain injured will purchase tickets to this event.

Funds raised will be donated and 15% of all future purchases of my book will go to this foundation.


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  1. I have been a brain injury survivor for nearly 13 years and I am still in the process of recovery. It is a journey for which I am grateful because it has helped me to grow in my faith and see the miracles which are possible by trusting in Him. I still struggle and will always need to accept that I have limitations that make my life difficult. But I know this is for His divine purpose, that I may be a more compassionate and empathetic person.

  2. Lori I am glad i meet you i hope we can be friends seem like a nice person if ever need help as i am also brain injured let me now you have my email. I hope we can get to now each other and devlope a friendship share or storys of us both being brain injured. Once agien thanks my new friend and fellow brain injured person
    wayne dingman

  3. Lori, you receive comments at your blog. I never receive any comments at mine.

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