Maybe this will help the Non-Brain Injured understand?

By Lori Purdy Faitel – Brain Injury Advocate & Author“Am I Brain Damaged? Memoir of Return to Life After my Brain Injury”

Last night was date night with my husband.  We  went to see a movie and ended up seeing the movie “INCEPTION”.

I loved the movie, I am a science fiction freak and I love mind/brain stories.  Inception was so well written and it could have been my mind! My mind only times 10 during my mental recovery from the Brain Injury.

To quickly bring my reader up to speed, Inception is a story about a group of people who can manipulate dreams. The people manipulate dreams and become players in the dream sequences. They actually become dream characters, making the characters do what they want them to do to manipulate the dreamer into waking to not know what was a dream and what wasn’t.  We all have had that dream where we have to pinch ourselves to see if we are awake or asleep.

The story in this movie draws out a fictional way for this specific group of people to get into someone’s subconscious and plant dream sequences.

The story has many twists and I will watch this again and again.

I would love to find a way to incorporate this movie into my presentations to the caregivers and loved ones of the brain injured.

In the movie the main plot is a dream sequence to manipulate a person without their conscious acknowledgement. The sequence begins in a dream, and then builds into a dream that the dreamer is experiencing. Then a dream even deeper than that, a third dimension of dream.  The movie story is hours of jumping from one dream sequence to another, from one dimension to another.

From the original dreamer to the subconscious of the manipulator’s of the dream.

I am doing the best I can to explain the story without ruining it.

Anyone who is involved with a brain-injured person may glean an understanding of how confusing it is for a brain-injured person to re-learn, re-train and re-create themselves.

I believe that a Brain Injury survivor may or may not understand this movie.

If a survivor understands it I am sure they would suggest this movie to give insight to what we endure to come back into the regular world.

And some of us never do.

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