On a beautiful spring morning in April I drove to work and before I knew it traffic shifted, my car was thrown into a construction area.  I was hit by a fallen bail of hay, which covered my windshield I then moved forward into more fallen hay.  My car rolled off the freeway and smashed into a cement abutment. I suffered a TBI Injury.  That was in 1986.

At the time I was 24 years old and had just moved into an apartment and begun to be an independent business lady.  All kids dream of what they will do as a career and I tried many different careers.

The first career I attempted was that of a hairdresser.  I remember being a teenager in school, just like many other teenagers I always tried to stay on top of hair and make-up styles.  I continue today, 20 years after my personal TBI Injury searching for my “Style”.

While being a hairdresser I realized I was not going to fulfill my desire for independence.  I went back to school; I began college classes to see what was the correct career for me.  While I was in a class one evening I met a woman who suggested I apply at her place of business for a data input position. I took the woman up on the offer and began my life in the business world.

My life began to change; I felt I knew the direction best to follow to reach my dreams of independence and happiness.  I had a steady boyfriend, I had many friends, I was confident in the person I was but then I suffered a TBI Injury.

I remember my father saying, “Always read and learn because no one can take away your intelligence”.  Mine was erased!!!!

Today I am an independent, married, happy and productive person in society.  As I said earlier I still am searching for my “style” as it pertains to hairstyle and clothes. I am now a middle-aged woman, and what woman my age is confident with life’s changes?

After about 6 years of various rehabilitation and constant learning I recreated myself, I am currently living a dream. I recently published my memoirs of recuperation in my life story AM I BRAIN DAMAGED? I believe in reading my story the general public will open their eyes to what those of us who have survived a TBI Injury may feel; I also believe other TBI Injury survivors will read my words and find a personal encouragement to reinvent themselves.

I was diagnosed dead 3 times and arrived at the hospital after a car accident in a coma for 7 days.

A TBI Injury has many complications.  Some people survive a TBI to live independently but most people survive a TBI Injury to live a life that requires assistance.

I have been blessed to survive a TBI Injury and recuperate to live independently.  I live in the world of the NON-Head Injured, and have so since 1991.

I put together my memoirs from recuperation to independent life to be used as inspiration for families and the injured themselves.

I put my memoirs together into a book “Am I Brain Damaged? Memoir of my return to life after a head injury” By Lori Purdy Faitel

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