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Nearly all survivors of a traumatic head injury and their families have one complaint: There is very little written that explains head injury in clear, easy to understand language. Most say the available material is too medical or too difficult to read.

The goal of this online book is to better prepare the head injured person and family for the long road ahead. This book has been a life accomplishment. I have been writing this off and on for over 20 years. I pray to read this will enlighten the general population of what we Head Injured may experience. May this support the injured, families, friends and all people involved with Head Injuries.

I am happy to say that I have lived through a devastating Closed Head Injury in 1986. Today I live the life of a healthy individual and I appreciate every minute God gives to me.

Lori’s book AM I BRAIN DAMAGED? is available in three formats.

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* An audio book is available free to all survivors and their caregivers.  SURVIVORS email and put SURVIVOR in the subject line to receive your FREE copy.


Lori has met many survivors and family over the years who have asked her to work with them privately. She is currently offering her services as a Brain Injury Survivor Consultant, providing insight, comfort and motivation to other survivors and those who are important to them. Contact her about a meeting or a phone consultation.

Lori Purdy Faitel is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor, Self-Published Author, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA), Paid Inspirational, Motivational, and Encouragement Speaker and Owns her own business:  B.I. Survivor, LLC.

Her journey began when she was 24 years; old she suffered a TBI/7 day coma, upon alertness following the coma her function reverted to what could be recognized as less than that of new born child. After re-learning to move, breathe, eat, walk and talk again Lori returned to college and for more that 25  years her life goal has been to educate, inspire and motivate people. “If I can re-create myself anyone can”

After telling a colleague at a county health department where I was working as a C.O.T.A, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, my colleague a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) about journaling I had been doing since early after the TBI; she suggested I make my journal into a book – because she was sure my story would help others. For the next year or two I read my old journal entries with the thought of making them into a book.  In reading my journal I relived  many confusing, sad and angry times and I could not handle re-writing or a review of all entries.  I agreed with my colleague, the SLP, about how my journey through recuperation and into my return to employment in the world of the non-brain injured would  surely be a source of inspiration and motivation for other survivors.



“So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10




The following are advocacy and supportive venues I am currently working on for the brain injured community

1. I am in the editing stage of my newest book: ReBirth my life after Traumatic Brain Injury. I plan to have it available as an ebook soon.  Please email mail me at if you have any ideas.

2. I am an administrator for


Concussion, Contusion, Axonal Injury, Closed Head Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Acquired Brain Injury, Anoxia, Hypoxia, Dementia, Tumor, Stroke, Aneurysm, Amnesia, Parkinsons Ds,  Brain Cancer…..

A survivor support line is now available to provide telephone support to those who suffer from all levels of brain impairment.  4peer11; is a survivor run, funded, operated and managed -emotional help line. We do not give medical advice but we DO have two compassionate ears. We have survived some form of brain injury or a survivor is significant in our life.

The number to call is 855-473-3711 (855-4peer11). Live operators are available from 9am-9pm Pacific Standard Time Monday thru Friday. If a call comes is when an operator is not free = please leave a message. Messages are returned on a regular basis.

CALL 855-473-3711

3.  I host an internet radio show 2 times a month “The Science of Happiness”

Listen live to my shows  on, twice a month the second and 4th Wednesday of each month at 8PM Eastern Standard Time aka 7Pm Central, 6PM Mountain and 5 PM Pacific My show is THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS.  follow this link to listen to the broadcast from 4/9/2014

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Table of Contents

1. How it all Happened
2. How does it feel to be in a coma?
3. Return to my parent’s home
4. When I started to understand
5. The Drive
6. Love and Marriage
7. Outsiders
8. Work Life
9. A new point of view
10. College
11. Who I am today

Read a preview of Am I Brain Damaged!

Chapter One


It was April 25th, 1986, Friday morning, the last day of the work week. Thursday night, I was in a class until about 10:00 P.M. My last class that quarter, I lived through the final exam.  It was a class I didn’t like, must have been something related to math. The class was at O.C.C., a local community college, 15-minutes via the freeway from my apartment.  I was taking classes to further my career at the Western Wayne Oakland County Board of Realtors, a governing board for local Real Estate Professionals.  I had been recently promoted to executive secretary working under the Administrative Assistant and the CEO.

After the final exam I stopped at Fibber McGee’s, a local pub just across the street from my apartment.  A buddy from class and I had one celebratory beer.  I emphasize only one beer because I generally did not like beer. Friends, from both work and my evening classes, often asked me to join them for a drink once our work was finished. I was always up for socializing; I usually ordered a beer to curb any desire for a second drink.

I was living in my first apartment.  I can still visualize it.  For Robin, my room mate, and I, this was our first home independent of our parents. When Robin and I moved in together, we had been friends for 6 years. We hung around the same people in high school, took vacations together, and visited each other at our parent’s homes, but never were we in such close quarters as sharing daily living space.

Robin and I had furnished our apartment with old furniture donated to us from friends and our parents. It was a two-bedroom on the ground floor.  I talked Robin into letting me have the largest bedroom across the hall from the bathroom. My room was just a few steps to the living room, adjoining kitchen space, and front door.

This was my private apartment in the mornings. Robin slept in until after I left for work, so the portion of the apartment from my bedroom to the entrance, was mine.

As with any other work day, my alarm went off at 6:10 am. I pushed snooze twice then got out of bed at 6:28.  Every day I pushed snooze, somehow it made me feel like I was getting bonus sleep time.  I could quickly look at the time and do the math to determine how many times I could postpone leaving my bed. I wanted to always be the first person to arrive in my department.  I was proud to be known as a prompt employee.

My room was directly across the hall from the bathroom. Getting up and rolling into the shower was an easy task.  I took a shower, blow-dried my hair, and then went back to my bedroom. I looked for the outfit I had put together the evening before, as I always did, to ensure that I didn’t wear the same thing twice in a week. Once dressed, I made my bed.

While I was making my bed, I was startled by the phone. It was unusual to get a call in the morning.  I had a phone in my bedroom and we had another extension in the living room. I grabbed my phone quietly. It was Robin’s boss.  Because she worked later than 2:00 A.M. at the pizzeria; I hated to bother her in the mornings. I gave it one shot by lightly tapping on Robin’s bedroom door, she didn’t wake up. I took a message.

I finished making my bed and got dressed. I put on my brand new pantsuit in my favorite color pink. Because of my new promotion, I tried to dress the part every day; I wanted to always look professional

After showering, dressing, and making my bed, I moved into the kitchen area.  I had a 9 inch black and white Zenith on the table.  As I became comfortable in this first home of my own, I enjoyed using the kitchen table as a make-up area.  Since high school, I listened to the news while I dressed for school. Because I was living in my own world, I had the freedom to watch TV in my kitchen. My morning companion was “Good Morning America.” As, I listened to Charles Gibson’s voice, I put a mug of water in the microwave. When I heard the ding, I knew the water was hot. I chose a flavor of international coffee to suit my mood and sat down to watch T.V., load up on caffeine, and put my make-up on.

That day, the news was mainly about the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident in the Soviet Union. At the time of the broad cast, I only caught a few words here and there. I thought this was just another story of Imelda Marcos and her shoes.The next major story was about Joan Collins and a future interview about her new book, “Joan Collins Superstar”. By 7:45, I had performed my regular morning ritual of make-up, checking my eyebrows, did I need to pluck? Curling my eyelashes, and applying mascara.

When that was finished I moved back to my bedroom. I have always loved jewelry. Each time I purchased a new blouse I also purchased an inexpensive costume jewelry necklace and earrings to match.  I hung my necklaces on push pins on the wall above a mirrored vanity table in my bedroom. Instead of going to my closet to choose which shoes I would wear, as many other women do, I looked through my jewelry treasures. I decided on a contrast beaded set to enhance the monochromatic pink of my pantsuit.  My final touch was to stop back in the bathroom where my curling brush would be warmed up. I could then strategically place a few curls in my baby fine hair to hopefully give a little fullness.  Tons of hairspray and I was ready to go.

Because my apartment was on the ground floor, I closed and locked the door to ensure Robin’s safety.  It was a very sunny day, truly the beginning of spring. Earlier that week Robin had started to open the door wall, so as to let the spring air in. We talked about how great our apartment would be in the summer. It was our first time away from the parents. We planned parties, buying a BBQ, and doing summer stuff at our place.

I had a short walk up two or three steps, through a cement hall, and down some steps to the parking lot.  My building was one of 6 apartment buildings in the complex. It sat far back, away from the main road. I entered my car, a silver two-door Toyota Corolla., and lit a Marlboro Light.

The Corolla was the first car I had in my name.  This was a time of firsts for me: my first apartment and my first car. Both the car and apartment signified the beginning of my independence from my parents this was very valuable to me.  I tried to keep my car clean inside and out as I tried to keep my apartment neat and orderly.  I was very proud of my new stuff.

I purchased my Toyota a few months before moving into my apartment.  I remember Adam, my boyfriend, searched auto trader and other used car magazines.  Adam had fun looking for different cars. He made appointments for us see and test-drive the cars. Test driving and shopping for cars I could easily do, for days.  Ever since this first car purchase Adam has helped me chose my cars.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, there was nothing good on the radio. I pushed my radio tuner several times. I drove down a rocky and highly traveled dirt road, over some railroad tracks, until I was on the entrance to I-96.  The building I worked in was about a 15-minute drive from my apartment.  From my parking lot until I reached the freeway it was the same old route.  After the turn around onto the freeway the traffic was heavier. I was accustomed to the traffic as the road had been this way for a few weeks, due to construction of the extension of I-275 toward Northville.

Once I was on the straightaway, scanning traffic to see where I fit in, I noticed a bail of hay in the road.  My options were limited. I knew I had to change lanes. I checked the lane to my left, there was a white four-door car. Since I was in my small Toyota, seeing a four-door car gave me the impression that I would not be able to switch lanes quickly.

My last memory on the road that day was thinking I should change lanes. Without even a few seconds to allow me to register disaster was about to strike, it happened. I never had a Moment of, “Oh my God.” I never saw the collision.  To my right, was a patch of grass covered with construction, materials and cement trucks I had nowhere to go!

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Lori Purdy-Faitel is a paid motivational and inspirational speaker on the topic of brain damage and head injury.

Lori has met many survivors and family over the years who have asked her to work with them privately. She is currently offering her services as a Brain Injury Survivor Consultant, providing insight, comfort and motivation to other survivors and those who are important to them. Contact her about a meeting or a phone consultation.

My new updated edition is available both in digital format and paperback.

The paperback book of Am I Brain Damaged delivered directly to your email must be ordered through bisurvivor at yahoo. com or by calling me at 248-310-48 one five.  The paperback will have a letter from me and the copy will be signed. The price is $15.95 plus shipping and handling.  You will be billed separately.


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